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Riding lens

Riding lens

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As an important equipment in cycling, you need a pair of cycling lenses in any case. It can greatly help protect the wearer’s eyes, reduce injuries, and improve the comfort and safety of riding

On sunny days, the reflection of sunlight from the road will make the glasses receive more UV reflection; on windy days, foreign matter and dust will blow into the glasses carelessly, not only damaging the eyes, but also causing danger; on snowy days, snow reflection may make the eyes suffer from "snow blindness"




Aojie offer the below series of lens for cycling

Riding lens

Dark gray lenses are suitable for strong light, such as noon light. They can effectively block ultraviolet rays, filter glare and harmful light, and have a good protection effect on eyes.
blue lens is suitable for fog or low visibility weather.
red and orange lenses make the surrounding terrain clearer.
yellow lenses are suitable for use in dim light and at night, and enhance clarity by increasing contrast.
colorless lenses are ideal for foggy or gray weather. They are also used to keep out wind and rain, reducing the risk of conjunctivitis.
chrome plated reflective lenses are essential for plateau riding. They are widely used in snow or plateau areas with strong light and ultraviolet rays.

the color of the lens will change automatically according to the ambient color temperature to adapt to different environments.


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