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High contrast lens

High contrast lens

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People's eyes can't gather blue or yellow light. When we eliminate part of blue or yellow light and more specifically 490 nm or 580 nm wavelength light determined by "cross" wavelength, these "cross" wavelengths will confuse the brain and accept the real color, so blocking these specific wavelengths will enhance all other colors.


High contrast lens

Aojie High contrast lens absorb the blue / Green Cross light by increasing the 490 nm narrow band absorption, and then enhance the red by adding 580 nm wavelength absorption, which effectively improves the contrast of three primary color light and transition color light, so that the stimulation of three kinds of nerve fibers is more intense and the color discrimination is more obvious and clear.


As shown in the figure below, the enhanced absorption characteristics at 490 nm and 580 nm are called "cross" part light, which can absorb the cross light in the blue / green region.


By high contrast lens                        By regular polarized lens


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High contrast lens
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